We are 100% Locally Owned and Operated, which means we design and build our own games just for you. Your support of our local business means the world to us! Come check us out—your adventure awaits!

Escape within an hour. Can you do it?

Escape Room Ebensburg is introducing the thrill of escape rooms to Ebensburg! In these rooms, players aim to break free, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. With groups of 2-8 players, collaboration is key as you unravel puzzles, collect clues, and tackle challenges to emerge victorious. Every room boasts a unique theme, diverse puzzles, and distinct obstacles, but the ultimate goal remains constant: You have just one hour to secure your escape. It’s a race against the clock that puts teams’ ingenuity to the ultimate test!

Our Rooms​

Sweet Escape

Step into Sweet Escape, Grandpa’s whimsical candy shop, where the air is rich with scents of sugar and secrets. With the town’s candy competition looming, no one knows where Grandpa’s legendary secret recipe has gone. It’s up to you and your team to sift through the confectionery chaos and uncover the hidden formula before time runs out. Decode the clues, unravel the riddles, and race against the clock to ensure your sweet victory in honor of Grandpa Joe. Can you find the secret to sugary success and keep the legacy of Sweet Escape alive?


Venture deep into the heart of the forest where the ‘Lost’ escape room awaits. Your group, hopelessly misplaced among the towering trees, stumbles upon a forsaken campsite. Once belonging to a professor researching the dangerously unknown. It is now up to you to piece together his findings and chart a path to safety. With the sun dipping below the horizon, the race is on to escape the advancing darkness. Will you solve the mysteries before nightfall, or will the secrets of the forest consume you?

How It Works​

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